The Earl C. Sams Foundation makes grants primarily in the South Texas area. The Foundation considers grant applications only from public charities as defined under the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations. The Foundation makes grants to a wide array of charities, for many projects in various educational, medical, social, religious and environmental fields.

The Foundation does not grant money to individuals. While the Foundation does periodically fund scholarships at various institutions, the institution, not the Foundation, determines the recipients of those scholarship funds.

To download the application, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer to complete and /or print the Application form. The information included in the application should be limited to the space provided and be complete and concise.

Applicants should submit the following attachments:

Completed Program/Project Budget form attached.
The current annual operating budget; include in-kind services and volunteers’ hours contributed.
Current Board of Directors, listing business addresses and occupations and community affiliations.
Current audited financial report.
Copy of last Form 990 filed.
List of major contributors (and amounts) to organization/program.
Copy of Applicant's most recent 501(c)(3) determination letter.
If a “Supporting Organization” (see FAQ), then you must complete the attached form entitled “Certification of Supporting Organization Status” and provide us copies of the documents referred to therein. NOTE: If you have questions about the applicability of Appendix H to your organization, please feel free to contact Foundation staff.
If a “Supporting Organization” (see, FAQ) you must provide us with a “reasoned opinion of counsel” setting forth the Supporting Organization's "Type" classification and the rational and factual basis for making that determination (i.e. a Type I, Type II, Type III, or Functionally Integrated Type III Supporting Organization). If the reasoned opinion of counsel states that your organization is a “Functionally Integrated Type III Supporting Organization” then the opinion must further state that the organization was determined to be “Functionally Integrated” in accordance with Treasury Regulation 1.509(a)-4(i)(3)(ii) and the rationale and factual basis for making that determination. NOTE: If you have questions about the applicability of Appendix I to your organization, please feel free to contact Foundation staff.

Applications should be scanned and emailed in PDF format to Electronic submission is preferred.

If absolutely necessary applicants may mail or drop off a hard copy (one only) of the application to the Foundation’s offices. No binders or folders.

DEADLINES: The Foundation board meets three times a year on the first Monday of March, June and November. All applications must be submitted by the application deadline set by the Foundation (generally 30 days prior to a scheduled Board of Directors meeting). Applications received after the deadline will not be considered at the upcoming meeting, but will be considered at the following meeting. Currently scheduled meetings and corresponding application deadlines are posted at Scheduled meetings and corresponding application deadlines can also be obtained by emailing a request for this information to or by contacting the Foundation directly at (361) 888-6485.

If further information or a site visit is required, you will be contacted.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the status of the request after the board of directors meeting.

Applicants who receive a grant must agree to submit to the Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc., progress reports in the required format showing the way in which the funds of the grant have been spent, accompanied by a statement of the progress made in accomplishing the purpose of the grant. The required form for submitting progress reports can be downloaded at

All funds must be used solely for the purposes granted. Excess grant monies not used for the purposes granted must be returned to the Foundation.

PRIOR GRANTEES: Our Grantee's agreement requires the submission of an annual progress report pertaining to the use of grant funds. Grant applications from prior Grantee's who have not fulfilled the agreed upon progress reporting requirements will not be accepted until such time as all reporting requirements are brought up to date. Failure to timely comply with agreed upon reporting requirements may impact future grants and can result in future grant applications being declined.


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