Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc.

The Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc. was originally organized under the laws of New York on December 9, 1946. The original assets of the Foundation consisted of forty thousand shares of common stock of J. C. Penney Company. The administration of the Foundation was originally conducted in New York, but after the death of Earl C. Sams on July 23, 1950, the administration was moved to Brownsville, Texas. Administration of the Foundation was subsequently moved to Corpus Christi, Texas; and the Foundation was converted into a Texas foundation by a series of legal steps, which were completed in June of 1988. Since its inception in 1946, the Foundation has given out over $48 million in grants.

The Foundation awards grants to a wide array of charities, primarily in the South Texas area, for many projects in various educational, medical, social, religious and environmental fields.

The current board of directors of the Foundation consists of Bruce S. Hawn, Nancy E. Hawn, Susan G. Hawn, Candace N. Coutinho, Rohan P. Coutinho, M.D., Caitlyn H. Caims, DVM, Sydney E. Thames, Benjamin S. Hawn, William P. Thames, and Jonathan D. Hawn. Bruce S. Hawn serves the Foundation as its President and Chief Financial Officer. Susan G. Hawn serves as the Foundation’s Chairman and Vice President. Susan Ohnmacht is the Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Foundation.

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